Mission & Vision



  • Al Diar Company seeks to be a service that is characterized by its reputation and innovation to serve communities in all sectors and maintain the growth and continuity of real estate development.
  • Developing effective and practical methods for the real estate sector by adopting modern global methods.
  • To continue contributing to urban real estate projects, to embrace the needs of industrial, commercial, investment and residential projects and to adapt to all variables that may change in the future.
  • To demonstrate awareness of investment opportunities in real estate and its role in developing the Saudi economy and the target standards.
  • To be the premiere strategic partner to provide innovative real estate solutions that meet the needs of the community with the best standard of quality.
  • We make our utmost effort in the real estate industry by providing commercial investment opportunities for Al Diar customers.
  • To be evaluated as a leading global strategic business partner.


  • To offer a series of certified and leading business services in the real estate field, in addition to carrying out projects with unique environmental designs.
  • To work hard in order to provide services that meet our customers’ needs and desires based on a strict set of ideals to ensure profitability for all parties.
  • Perseverance in meeting the needs of our clients and customers as well as raising their real estate standards locally and globally.
  • Innovation and development of comprehensive projects leading to the provision of specialized real estate services and the establishment of strategic relations and work environment to achieve excellence and satisfaction for our customers.