Isnad is a multi-storey industrial commercial scheme, it is located on GCC road on an area of 131315 meter square, and 644 meters along within which most comers from GCC pass by. The project was planned in a way that offers best methods of upscale investment. Isnad located in the most important area that have industrial and commercial orientation, surrounded with multitask industrial projects. Isnad is an important project on the local and regional levels, since it is located on a major road network that connects it to major and vital sites in the area making Isnad easily reachable and recognizable. Add that the distinguished areas are appropriate for industrial and commercial investments within which Isnad is unique for. Isnad offers 19 commercial land pieces on GCC Road with different areas , multi-storey for commercial usage, Taking into consideration that we used our real-estate expertise in organizing and planning in order to offers areas of demand that meets with the needs of potential customers . At the industrial level Isnad offers 55 land pieces including areas that meet and cover all requirements, which is considered as the newest in its area taking into consideration that the areas were organized in a way that meets with each industrial usage according to location and areas.